Connie's Story


Most of us have probably heard the words, “God loves you.” With all of life’s hardships and questions without answers, it can be difficult to believe these words in our heads, let alone in our hearts. At certain times I have asked myself, “Does God even exist?” If so, where is He and why don’t I feel connected to Him? Is He disappointed in me? Up until a few years ago, I lived with the notion that if I could just get my act together and do all the right things, God would be pleased with me and start to work in my life. However, the harder I tried, the greater I failed, and the more exhausted I became.

It wasn’t until I quit striving to measure up—and began to bring my true self before God with all my failures, frustrations, disappointments, hurts, and struggles—that my life started to change. As I learned to simply “be” with Him, I began to see His love in a unique way— through random hearts. I started noticing them in the most unexpected places in my everyday life—in the cement sidewalk, in the bark of a towering tree trunk, in a rain puddle, in a strip of chipped road paint, or even in a piece of trash on the side of the road.

The more hearts I encountered, the more significant they became in my life—a confirmation of God’s presence and His relentless, unconditional love. As this revelation sank deep into my heart, I began to understand the true meaning of God’s grace as I had never known it before. Our brokenness and shortcomings will never stand in the way of God’s love for us. It’s in His love that we find true freedom and restoration. It’s in His love that we find healing. It’s in His love that we find power to overcome darkness. It’s in His love that we find hope.

No one is exempt from hardships in this life, but God is faithful and promises to be with us no matter what, even in the midst of our failures. His unfailing love has always been there, ready to be found—if we choose to open our hearts and see it. I hope the Never Lose Heart book series will encourage you to keep running the race set before you... and to never lose heart.


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