If pictures speak a thousand words, then these books speak without ceasing. Connie Smith in her inspirational book, Never Lose Heart, allows us to see God's infinite voice on every page. This book will be a treasured keepsake for your family, and a beautiful and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones. Connie Smith has truly captured God's heart and voice for us all. —Robert Stearns, Founder & Director, Eagles Wings


It's rare, but occasionally you run across something so inspired that you know it had to have come from God. Such is the case with the Never Lose Heart book series. These books are filled with simple yet profound statements and images that will touch the very core of your being. You'll want a stack of these to give to everyone you meet who needs encouragement! —Deby Dearman, Creator/Director of Come to the Quiet and Artists Arise


I am a licensed professional counselor in private practice and I have resourced some of my clients with Never Lose Heart. I wanted to send them home with a message of hope and something that was tangible for them to refer to. The feedback has been positive and uplifting. They have expressed how the author seems to understand the struggle of being lonely and the comfort of knowing God is near. - Jennifer Stock, Seasons Counseling


This book (Never Lose Heart) is a poignant read from cover to cover, profound in its peaceful yet powerful simplicity. The words and messages here are timeless, and deliver such truth and assurance! The most important thing I find is that this book leaves me with a sense of real hope, without fail, every time I read it. Even with just time enough to read a few pages, it brings this greater overall sense of relief--I can't explain it! It is a book you can easily pick up anytime, and no matter how many times you read it, something new is revealed -- it all depends on where you are in life, at any given time. Start from the beginning and savor a few pages at a time, and keep a bookmark! And from now on, just try to "not" see hearts revealing themselves all around you, every where you go--You will see and discover a whole new perspective. - Amy Biter


I purchased Never Lose Heart for my daughters during a particularly hard time for our family. I wanted them to know that God's love surrounds them everyday no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. I thought they would enjoy reading the book, but what I didn't expect was how God would reveal His love for us through the eyes of my little girls. Right away they started seeing hearts everywhere! And what also became obvious to me was that some of these hearts had been there the whole time, but in my rushing around, I was completely missing God's love for me. I will always remember my 8 year old looking up at me while reading Never Lose Heart for the first time and saying, “This book answers all my questions if God really does exist.” My daughters will now forever see God's love all around them in a whole new way because of Never Lose Heart. Thank you, Connie! - Jason Baker


This precious book (Never Lose Heart) is simple in appearance but inside is a powerful message of hope and love. I was amazed, while looking at the pictures and reading the accompanying prose, how God really does reveal Himself to us in simple yet very clear ways... if only we'll slow down enough to see and hear Him. This book is a must, not only as a means to encourage others, but first for yourself. You will be moved. - Jennifer Callais

Whether you're going through a tough season in life, needing positive encouragement and truthful reminders or have friends and family going through transitions with new chapters in life, this book (Never Lose Heart) will bring insight for reassurance, self acceptance, joy, peace and love with the most important priorities to focus on. This gift will bless you and open your heart and mind to seeing God's daily love messages in all you do. - Tianna Lucas

This book (Never Lose Heart) is a true treasure. It's a wonderful reminder of God's constant presence and unfailing love. Every time I pick it up, whether to read it front to back or to simply reflect on one page, my spirit is renewed. It has a permanent spot on my nightstand and is my go-to gift for any occasion! - Ruth Elliott

This book (Never Lose Heart) taught me to focus on the simple things and give the rest to God; especially when I didn't understand why I was being tested. Looking through the pictures I realized I need to be present and appreciate what is around me! Thank you for listening to Him and creating this book. It has brought hope to so many! - Ann Delamont


I read the book (Never Lose Heart) and had no idea it would have such an impact on me. Since then its been sitting on my coffee table. Everyone visiting my home has read through it very quickly and wanted a copy for themselves and their loved ones!! - Regan Ziegler

This book (Never Lose Heart) is a beautiful reminder of the power there is in reminding our own hearts that we are loved. The photos and written words on each page provide a pause, if you will, from the busyness, failures, and discouragements in life that can distract our minds from soaking in the truth that "His unconditional, relentless love is everywhere." At the end of the book, the words: "Believe, Trust, Persevere" leave you feeling newly inspired to do all three, because of a renewed sense of how incredibly loved we are. It only take a few minutes to sit down and read the book, and you will truly be greatly encouraged after finishing it. - Susanna Murphy


I was absolutely moved in my heart when I read this book. Never Lose Heart demonstrates and reveals God's unfailing love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and hope for us. When I opened up the book and started reading it, I was captivated and moved to tears. I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit and it was as if God was talking directly to me. This became God's love letter to me! Every page has a story—a testimony of God's faithfulness in every situation we go through. Every heart in this book is a reminder of GOD's love for us, and now I see hearts on many occasions. After reading this book, I wanted all my friends and family to read it. I highly recommend Never Lose Heart and know God's hand was upon Connie's hand to write it from the Heart! I would encourage you to read this and receive God's love letter for YOU! - Zee Stokes


This book (Never Lose Heart) is proof that there is a God. When I first read this book it made me cry tears of joy! It is a beautiful book that literally comes from the heart. God leaves hearts all around to let us know he is present. This book will make you feel that love he wants us to feel each and every day. - Jessi Hill

I first read Never Lose Heart several months ago and the book's theme continues to inspire me. It is a beautiful reminder of seeing God's presence in the every day. I've given copies to several friends who also have been touched by the book. My 6 year old niece now looks for hearts everywhere after reading the book with me one day. I suggest purchasing several copies to have on hand and give as gifts. You never know when someone needs a reminder that God is near! - Cindy Comperry