Never Lose Heart

Never Lose Heart

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Most of us have probably heard the words, “God loves you.” With all of life’s hardships and questions without answers, it can be difficult to believe these words in our heads, let alone in our hearts. At certain times, it can be easy to wonder: Is God really there? Has He forsaken me? Is He disappointed in me? 

Never Lose Heart is an inspirational gift book born out of Connie’s journey and her discovery of God’s grace as she had never known it before. Featuring 52 heart images captured with her iPhone, unaltered and just as she found them, Never Lose Heart offers encouragement, comfort, and hope amid life’s challenges. 

"No one is exempt from hardships in this life," Connie writes, "but God is faithful and promises to be with us no matter what, even in the midst of our failures. His unfailing love has always been there, ready to be found—if we choose to open our hearts and see it."

Never Lose Heart recently won a Living Now Book Award, presented annually to spotlight the year’s “most world-changing books.” Each year since 2009 the awards have been presented by and the Jenkins Group to outstanding books in the areas of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each award-winning book has been recognized for its “unique ability to enrich readers’ lives.”

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