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Meet Connie

Connie Smith grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing and has spent most of her career in Nashville in the healthcare and publishing industries. After a particularly difficult, searching time in her life, she came to a life-changing illumination about God and His unconditional, relentless love. Never Lose Heart was born out of Connie's journey and features 52 natural heart images captured with her iPhone, unaltered and just as she found them. Intended to be read as a love letter from God, this inspirational gift book offers hope, encouragement, and comfort amid life’s challenges. Two years later, she released Grounded in His Love followed by Lifted by You.


Looking for an Inspirational Speaker?

Connie would love to speak to your group! Through her story, she is inspiring people of all ages to see God's relentless, unfailing love all around, building confidence in His ever-abiding presence and His desire to make Himself known to us on a personal level. To book Connie for your group, please fill out the booking form through the button below.


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